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Listen you hear it? That’s opportunity knocking!

Here at LESA, we have far more applicants for scholarships than we are able to serve. Our staff spends considerable time discerning what students will receive the financial support we are able to give, and laments having to leave other children and families on the waiting list.

This situation represents a great opportunity for you and your family. Evangelism can be done in many ways, and one is to provide funding for a child to attend a Lutheran school. We have lists of young people, ready and willing to hear the good news of salvation by grace and through faith. And God has gifted us with 30 quality Lutheran elementary schools in the St. Louis area, ready to accommodate more students.

For those able to take advantage of this opportunity, the news gets even better. The Lutheran Foundation is currently offering a dollar-for-dollar match on the gifts LESA receives. Your financial gift goes twice as far!

Our situation is similar to what Martin Luther found in Germany. He saw children ready to learn and Christians willing to teach. He said it was our Christian duty to provide support.

“But now that God has so richly blessed us and has given us so many men able to instruct and train our young people aright, surely we ought not to despise the grace of God nor suffer Him to knock in vain,” Luther said. “He is standing at our door; happy are we if we open to Him! He is calling to us; blessed is he that answers him!”

On behalf of all the children and families on our waiting lists for scholarships, we urge you to take advantage of this opportunity to spread the Gospel to children in our communities. Thank you for standing with us as we strive to make a Christian education possible for all who seek it.

Your gift will make a difference in the life of a child in Lutheran elementary schools. Thank you!

Donate to Scholarship Fund Donate to Scholarship Fund

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Serving Lutheran Elementary Schools, Families & Communities
Serving Lutheran Elementary Schools, Families & Communities